How I Got Rich Bowhunting

How I Got Rich Bowhunting

How I Got Rich Bowhunting

Listen close if you’re trying to find wealth in this world.

I got a tale that I should keep tucked underneath my hat,
Under lock and key, and just for me, but I’ve seen enough of that.
I’ve made a fortune in this life, almost more than I can bear
And done it all while standing tall shooting arrows through the air.
If you take the time to hear this rhyme and can stand my broken prose
I’ll lead you straight to fortunes gate, a path that few men know.
It’s true a simple stick and string have filled my coffers full,
Cause magics loading in them limbs when I give my string a pull.
Now that I got you listening and if you’ve got the itch,
Lean in near and bend your ear, and learn how I got rich.

I just been working on the weekends, what some would call part-time
Out on the plains of the open range, north of that house of mine.
I leave the house fore sunup, under cover of the night
To the coyote song from days long gone, to my inner bank’s delight
First a yip and then a howl and an excited puppy trill
And there they set, all silhouette, better than any $100 bill.
It fills me up, makes me fat, like a dapper aristocrat
Without a care, in clothes threadbare, and my favorite battered hat.
Then the coyotes disappear in the night so gentle still,
To a hoot owl call, as bright stars fall, like loose change in the till.

I ease up oer a hillside, plop down to face the east
I take my wait, to see God paint, his morning masterpiece.
Grey light it turns to purple, then yellow, orange, and red
I’m cashing checks from where I set, while you’re curled up warm in bed.
Then in the east I see the glow of a burning ball of fire
Life springs up fast from prairie grass as the flaming ball moves higher.
I see a fiercesome prairie hawk hear a whistling mallard wing
From them and sage I draw my wage, and boy does it sure ring.

Then all at once, before my eyes, a mule deer breaks horizon
I take a breath, watch watch his steps, my adrenalin is rising.
He disappears behind a hill, I sneak down in hot pursuit
Like men of old, who mined their gold with the arrows they did shoot.
Providentially our paths do cross, some divine timed intersection
I draw then anchor, aim then fire, a shaft in his direction
My arrows jumps right off my string corkscrewing through the space
Tween him and me, and fortunately, it strikes the perfect place.
Over the pounding of my heart I hear him make a dash,
A crimson trail will soon unveil his trail through golden grass.

With trembling hands and powerless legs I sit and take the time
To count my blessing of the intercession ordered by the great divine.
I sit in patient pause while the warming sun does climb
Minutes pass from my hourglass passed into the endlessness of time.
Before too long I find my prize still warm though spirit gone
Gone to see the great uncertainty, we’ll be reunited fore too long
A somberness subdues my pride, I know my life is but a stich
In a tapestry of the mystery, Thank you God you’ve made me rich.

A final note for folks still hearing these rambling words of mine.
This bloated wealth, meekness, faith, and health, withstands the test of time.
Yep, sure enough, I’m from old money, fortune safe in preservation,
Cause if they can bear it, my kids inherit, the wealth of generation.
It’s true a simple stick and string have filled my coffers full,
Cause magics loading in them limbs when I give my string a pull.

If you enjoy this bowhunting poetry give “Crescent Lake” a read.


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