Mowing the Lawn

Lawn Mowing Poem

Just some basic thoughts on mowing the lawn...

Just some basic thoughts on mowing the lawn… (Image via Pixabay)

This summers been hot, this summers been dry
There ain’t been no rain ceptin fore when I cry
This land has been parched with a powerful thirst
It’ll live that’s for sure, but we need dern rain first
Our water bills growing the checks getting bigger
When we git the mail our knees start to quiver.
I been praying for rain, I’ve sung Sunday songs
Been doing this raindance for all weekend long.
Then out in the west a cloud starts to build
My fingers drum nervous on my window sill
The heavens grow dark parapets in the sky
“Thank the Lord for the rain, and his blessings” says I
The rain it falls hard never ending it seems
Then quickly it stops like awaken from dream.
I burst out of doors as the sun starts to shine
I dance in the light, the prayer answerd was mine.
My grass it grows tall, till the lawnmower screams,
as I cut it down. Now how dumb does that seem?

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